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4/20 Prophecy
April 20, 2010, 10:30 pm
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Marijuana smokers worldwide will encounter Jesus, even today. Even though many party people are not searching for Him, Jehovah-Sneaky will creep up on them unexpectedly. I specifically feel the Lord’s heart for those who are into drugs in Austin, Texas. He is going to manifest His Son’s Presence in a sovereign way in that city, bringing revival and setting people free from a lifestyle of drugs. There is a revival springing up in Austin and many drug dealers will get saved, healed and delivered from drugs. God is going to do this to show compassion to the unaware and ignorant and misinformed.


All things are possible
March 2, 2010, 10:15 am
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If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. Mk. 9:23

Only believe. All things are possible to those who are filled with faith. Keeping my heart and mind full of faith is difficult when so many things around me feed my doubt. If only I could keep my heart full of the Word, then faith would come (Rom 10:17). Hearing the Word made flesh through the Bible produces faith, knowing how real He is. Experiencing and then becoming what I am hoping for. Beholding Jesus and becoming like Him. He is the absolute expression of my faith, my bold confidence, my steadfast knowledge, my unswerving understanding concerning the unseen realm. The unseen realm is more real than this realm of doubt and unbelief. The Cross proved it. The mind of Christ was spiritually minded first, thus, a mind of faith. Faith sees. Faith hears. Faith receives. Faith is an attitude. Faith is at the heart level,but yet it comes through te renewing of the mind and the washing of the water of the Word. The Word is alive and grows like a seed germinating and producing 30, 60 and 100 fold returns for the farmer. Oh Jesus, let my heart be the soil of faith, having an attitude of faith because of Your gift of enlightenment. Grant great grace to believe, supernatural faith for the abundance of Heaven made accessible through the Cross. May the Lamb of God receive His due reward through my faith, that He would be ushered in at His 2nd COming with my heart in full agreement with Him. Will He find faith in the earth for His 2nd Coming? Will my faith be found by Him? Will He see my heart full of faith, steadfastly looking at the things above, the unseen realm?

Eye Salve: The Sweet Reverential Fear of God
March 1, 2010, 11:39 pm
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“It’s winter and do you know where your heart is?” It is time to examine my heart, again. It is the sweet fear of the Lord that brings this up in me, awakening me to the new heights and the deeper depths of life as I know it. The beginning of new things in me always begins with vision and an awakening of a desire. My desire has been stirred and my heart has been awakened, yet again, to be searched in a way that removes the trash that creeps in unnoticed. It is creepy how things creep up on me unnoticed! I do not like it because I drift without realizing it. The Holy Spirit is my anti-virus software, making me aware of the slips that I don’t realize have hurt me.

The fire of His love consumes me. I cannot but love the fear of the Lord that re-evaluates false mindsets towards hardness. The hardness that comes with false mindsets. It is just a wrong perspective that has taken root in my heart, without me realizing it! How did it happen Lord! I thought I was a sanctified, purfied, holy and fiery Christian? I am amazed at how blind I am when i think I see everything! Jesus said, if I was blind, I would have no sin, but since I thought I could see, my sin remained (John 9:41).

I love it. Jesus answered the Pharisees – the smart guys who knew it all, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you say, ‘We see.’ Therefore, your sin (guilt) remains.” I am that smart guy who thinks with pride. Oh, if only I would realize my blindness, then I would realize even more the love of Christ displayed on the Cross. The knowledge of my blindness awakens love in me. My own confession of my depravity draws my heart to know the Lamb’s enduement of SIGHT. I feel I am in a place where He can give me sight to see. God, let me see the Lamb’s eyes – the eyes of Your Son that burn with fire! Allow me to see as You see! Give me sight to see my blindness. Grant me the gift of the revelation of my blindness.

To reverentially fear You is soothing eye salve to my eyes, causing them to see through the dim glass even a bit more. The fear fo the Lord enlightens my eyes, making my heart burn again. Causing my heart to go from lukewarm ignorance to a desire for His fire.

It’s a New Season
December 20, 2008, 8:13 pm
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It has been a while since I have been inspired to write my thoughts and insights and “what have you” on this web journal.  I really feel inspired right now, in light of my desire to be a voice for the Lamb, God’s Son. Even if this is never read, I want to be a voice that cries out and carries God’s emotional heart and this will help me articulate my heart for the future. 

I was inspired significantly by David Brainerd’s Diary made public by Jonathon Edwards, such that it impacted millions of people, not directly, but indirectly – through the missionaries who were heavily impacted after reading his daily records with the Native Americans of Delaware and the surrounding areas.  McCheyne, Wesley, and Whitefield are just three of the many missionaries impacted. So I want to make records like Brainerds, eventually. I am pressing to have a prayer life and witness like his. He loved to preach on Isaiah 53 and he also said he was inspired by the Suffering Servant more than anything in his ministry – this is where we find common ground.

This blog is about the Lamb – the Isaiah 53 Suffering Servant.  I say this because I am wrapped up in looking at the motive of my heart when I do things. This causes me to seek to only do things that are with the right motive.  God looks at the heart!  Being fearful of God is being respectful of God in the heart. If He looks at our hearts, then this should be our primary concern. What is going on in our hearts? So, what is going on in my heart as I write this – that the Lamb of God would receive the Reward of His sufferings.

The Father set the Son in the center of Heaven (Rev. 5:6) because of His heart’s desire to see the Lamb glorified as the perfection of all beauty and the pinnacle of all fascination. This is the heart of God. Just as God looks at our heart, it is time we look at His heart’s concern for His Son to be glorified on earth as He is in Heaven.

The time has come for the Father to glorify His Son (John 17:1)! This is the season, the season of Harvest. It is harvest time. If we do not know the message of the Suffering Servant more than any other message, then we are not wise son with the ability to reap the harvest.

God is looking for Harvesters! How will we harvest without the message of the Cross burning on our hearts? How will we bring in the Great End-Time Harvest without fellowshipping with the Lamb’s Sufferings and beholding the Lamb who is in the center of Heaven (Rev. 5:6)?

He who gathers (the harvest) in summer is a son who acts wisely, But he who sleeps in harvest is a son who acts shamefully (Proverbs 10:5).

Sons who gather the Harvest must be able to declare the message of the Cross in a way that brings trembling to a people who do not know the Lord. Jesus said, the Harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few (Mt. 9:38). The apostolic laborers are few. Those who carry the apostolic message of the Cross of Jesus Christ are few. Laborers are not only endued with the power of the Kingdom, but the message of the Kingdom – the Cross.


In the Beginning…
March 25, 2007, 7:45 pm
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Hello.  This is the beginning of the revealing of my heart. I am a little shy so this is a bit uncomfortable, but I am attempting to let my guard down and open up.  Please bear with me, my writing is pretty weak.  I am an amateur journaler/blogger.  Yet hopefully this is just a small beginning to build upon.  

So, the reason I am here is because I feel like I have unique things to write. My desire is to be a co-creator with God by partnering with and expressing His creative heart through writing. Even though my words may be weak, I want to write things of eternal significance and reveal what is beyond the veil of the temporal and natural. I want to bring the words, thoughts, and ideas of Heaven onto the Earth by prayerfully tapping into the things never heard before, prepared for us – the “things” Paul wrote of in 1 Cor. 2:9-10. 

One of God’s fundamental names is Creator. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). Creativity was the Bible’s first characteristic attributed to God. By nature, God is creative, doing things we have never seen before. He loves to fascinate His people. 

Lets say if we had to analyze Jesus’ perfect brain, would He be left or right brained? I think He would probably be equally balanced – both right-brained (creative in thought) and left-brained (logical in thought). God seems to be both/and – “creatively logical.” I do not want these two things to be seperate.  This is the vision of my heart creatively logical, like Jesus. 

So, this blog will be creative. Like Jesus, who was the intercessory oracle of the Father in creation (John 1:1), I want to be an expression of the Father’s heart through creative writing.